OUTERGROUND – home to the eclectronic music of Christos Richard Hatjoullis. Bringing together for the first time the many strands of Outerground’s creative output from music to image including the Outerground #NFTY collections on opensea.io with a growing collection of digital paintings, photo-collages, hand drawn & generated animations.

Coming soon..audio visual expeditions into projection mapping and a kind of 5th Dimensional film-making with Lightform.

Listen to the latest OUTERGROUND Album release Amphibious Craft in the player below. Exclusive content, back catalogue tracks and unpublished works to follow along with curated spotify playlists & an online store with music and t-shirts. 

“What is the Outerground and where can it be found ? “It’s the limitless Inner Space of imagination” says the London based electronic artist and producer. “The internal world we all create for ourselves, inhabited by the ghosts of experience.” Outerground’s is a busy place, full of vivid imagery, acquaintances, fictional characters, otherworldly beings & far off places, visited, dreamed of and imagined. There’s always a jukebox in the background, playing melodies in all the keys of life and it’s 7-inch vinyl collection rotates a vast, eclectic playlist.”  excerpt from Lifoti Magazine article.. read the full page feature here